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Hygienic Shower Booth

The AEC Post Degown Hygienic (Sanitary) Shower Booth is designed for operation in a cGMP environment to provide privacy and to wash the unclothed operator with a steady flow of warm water, removing any potential residual contaminants before the operator exits. The booth delivers a clean, pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, pre-wired, and pre-plumbed solution that can be installed in a few hours with knockdown stainless steel construction. This is typically a preferred alternative to stick built construction, eliminating the need for epoxy paint, tiles, separate controls and sloping floor. The AEC Shower Booth includes two doors. The waste water is collected in the sump of the shower and either pumped to a drain or directed to a process floor drain. 

The operator presses the button on the outside face of the hygienic shower, opens the door and enters. The operator will turn on the manual shower valve which sends water through the showerhead. A thermostatic valve regulates and provides a comfortable water temperature (assuming a consistent hot and cold water supply from client) that is operator adjustable. The operator may wish to use shampoo and soap from an optional dispenser inside the shower (supplied by others). After the operator is finished washing (typically about 4 minutes), he will close the shower valve, exit the booth, and press the button on the outside face of the booth to turn off the overhead LED lights.

Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.


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