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Portable Airlock




The AEC Portable Airlock module is designed to be adaptable for easy integration with existing room openings. When mated, the rooms are fixed in place. With an integrated air handling system that operates in negative or positive pressure modes, the booth then serves to maintain air pressurization differentials and directional air flow between adjacent areas. When the airlock module is not required, it is wheeled away on self-leveling casters. Room lighting, door(s) and self-leveling casters are provided as standard for each unit.


The function of the booth is to divide contaminated and non-contaminated areas, and be wheeled away when an airlock is no longer necessary. Each Portable Airlock is designed to accommodate a client’s specific room opening, which are typically single or double parting doors. Once the airlock is docked and secured, an operator can exit the adjoining room and step into the modular airlock. The operator may then gown/degown using a fold-down bench and storage/waste port. Typically, one door is included with the Portable Airlock, however other configurations can be accommodated.


Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.


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