About AEC

Our Applied Engineering Controls concepts have been solving dust, contamination, and
toxic material control problems, while improving worker safety and product quality for over 35 years. 

AEC is a division of Radiation Protection Systems, the US nuclear industry’s premier supplier of containment devices and ventilation systems, now a part of Alpha Safety Group.

Our company has the extensive experience to design and build appropriate solutions for the control and management of potent and hazardous materials in the Life Sciences, Cosmetic, Nanotechnology and Industrial situations.

We have established product lines that are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications for control and containment of toxic compounds.

Our expertise is in creative problem solving though engineered one-of-a-kind devices and systems to meet the totality of our client’s containment needs.

Headquartered in Groton, Connecticut.

Applied Engineering Controls...

Applied Engineering Controls are defined as devices, systems and/or controls that will preclude the release of a hazardous material or substance to the workplace or environment, thereby protecting the worker and the population in general from a hazardous exposure. Engineered Controls are designed to integrate or complement a work process or operation, such that the controls function without inhibiting the work process and may enhance the work process when compared to utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).

...inherently make the workplace safer by incorporating protective systems into the work process.