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Extraction Hoods and Plenums


AEC custom built extraction hoods and plenums provide control of airborne particulates at their source, greatly reducing exposure risks and the potential spread of product. The use of extraction hoods will increase personnel protection, decrease the likelihood of cross contamination and reduce work area cleanup.

AEC’s capability has been used to customize local extraction hoods for powder generating operations in both laboratory and production areas. Using back draft, downdraft and laminar air flows, airborne powders are captured and contained within the hood and ventilation system.
AEC provides hoods that integrate with existing equipment, such as benches, sinks, sampling stations, scales and drums/carboys for weighing, dispensing and material transfer. Our extraction hoods can be integrated with portable HEPA/ULPA ventilation units for applications where the plant ventilation system is not adequate to provide sufficient capture velocities. This avoids costly system upgrades and re-validation efforts.

AEC offers portable HEPA ventilation systems for supplemental support of our extraction hoods and plenums.

  • Stainless steel construction standard, other materials available.
  • Custom designs to meet any application.
  • Integral or portable HEPA/ULPA ventilation systems.
  • Recirculatory or once through air flow designs available.
  • Hazard class electrical equipment is available.
  • Turnkey design/build capability.
  • Typical 4-6 week delivery.