Misting Booth




The AEC Misting Booth supplies a fine, low volume misting "fog" intended to affix loose powder on the surface of the occupant’s protective clothing (PPE). This helps prevent any hazardous particulate from becoming airborne when degowning. The single person misting booth serves as a one-way passage from the potentially contaminated processing area to the degowning area. An operator opens the door and steps into the misting booth, activating the user determined timed misting cycle. The water generated is collected in the sump of the shower and pumped to a drain, or directed to a process floor drain.

AEC is the market leader in Modular Engineered Misting Booth sales with over 60 installations in dozens of facilities around the world. Surrogate testing has shown that the AEC Misting Booth is capable of providing over two orders of magnitude protection to airborne dust when a misting cycle is used before degowning, versus a dry degown.


The operator enters the misting booth and pushes the illuminated misting start button, which starts a timer and opens the automatic water valve, sending water through the misting nozzles distributed throughout the booth. The operator rotates slowly and raises his/her arms, to ensure that all parts of his/her PPE are wetted. After a preset time (typically 30 seconds), the automatic water valve closes and the manifold drain valve opens to bleed off the pressure and instantly stop the mist. The booth timer can be adjusted by site personnel to suit the user’s requirements. After the misting cycle, the operator will either degown inside the booth, or exit and degown immediately outside the booth, placing the moistened PPE in a sealed plastic bag for disposal.



Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.


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