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Mobile HEPA Filtered Ventilation

AEC’s Mobile HEPA Filtered Ventilation System is a high quality, high efficiency system designed to capture hazardous airborne particulate. It is housed in a stainless steel cabinet providing independent supplemental HEPA ventilation, eliminating the need to upgrade the plant system.

This system utilizes a bag-in/bag-out stainless steel housing, with a HEPA filter and separate prefilter. It can provide a main source of ventilation for particulate capture or it may be used as an auxiliary source.

The units are available in sizes up to 6,000 CFM with high blower static pressure capability. HEPA or ULPA filtered air is exhausted and diffused radially and vertically from the cabinet top. Air louvers or variable frequency drives are available to allow the airflow to be easily adjusted.

The design allows this unit to provide the particulate capture without impacting the balancing on a validated room HVAC system.

This unit is used as supplemental support of AEC's extraction hoods and plenums.


  • HEPA or ULPA filtration
  • Bag-in/bag-out stainless steel filter housing
  • Hazard Class electrical available
  • Double HEPA is optional
  • Airflow enters the bottom of the unit via duct connections, travels upward through a prefilter and
  • Inlet slide gates may be used for flow balancing as required
  • Exhaust air is diffused radially and vertically from the cabinet top
  • Adjustable air shutters direct control of the exhaust air to minimize impact of the exhaust air flow
  • Two DP gages are provided to indicate filter loading
  • Variable speed controllers available with noise levels below 75 dba
  • Clean room grade casters
  • Available in capacities from 10-6000 CFM