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Portable Airlock FAQs

Where and when is an AEC Portable Airlock used?

  • Wherever there is open handling of highly hazardous powders
  • When there is a possibility of an isolator breach
  • Most commonly used in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Industries
  • Used as an intermediary stage between processing area and degown area

Can the AEC Portable Airlock also attach to my other rooms?

Yes, provided your door opening is the same style as the opening the portable booth was designed to accommodate. Mounting trim would need to be anchored to the perimeter of any additional openings. If the opening is a different size, customized filler panels may be fabricated to accommodate this.

What pressure differential is the portable booth capable of providing?

The AHU on the unit is capable of providing approximately 200 CFM of air.

The door that comes with the booth is a tight sealing, pressure barrier door with adjustable sweep. Assuming the client’s door(s) area also capable on maintaining a tight seal, then a pressure differential of +/- 0.15 sp wg can readily be accommodated.