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Misting Booth-Available Options


 304 SS Door Upgrade

Used when a pressure barrier is needed between the misting booth and the adjoining room.

Full length, flush-mounted, tempered glass window with 304 SS frame and jamb.  Push-pull handles, exterior-mounted closer, automatic door sweep.

Step-Off Platform

For collecting water dripping off of PPE when operator exits booth.

Grate suspended over a 304SS drain pan.  The water drains back to the booth base or to a separate drain. 

Misting Cycle and Airlock Alarm

To ensure compliance with the customer’s misting procedure and airlock integrity. 

Alarm discourages operator from passing from the dirty side to the clean side without undergoing a misting cycle or leaving the booth before the misting cycle is finished.  Alarm also discourages operator from keeping booth doors (Entrance and Exit) open at the same time for airlock pressure integrity.

It does allow an operator to pass from the clean side to the dirty side without triggering the misting booth alarm, in situations where the misting booth is used as an entrance to and an exit from the process area, or during maintenance operations. 

Hardware includes door position sensors and a strobe light and horn outside each door.

Included Functionality:

  • Prevents the misting cycle from starting if either door is open
  • Stops the misting cycle and turns on the alarm if either door is opened while the misting cycle is on
  • Turns on the alarm if operator passes through booth without taking a complete misting cycle
  • Alarm turns on if both the entrance and exit door are open
  • Red and green status lights outside the door interfacing with the gowning room and inside the misting booth
  • A blue over-ride button outside the gowning side door

If an alarm is triggered, it can be turned off by any of the following:

  • Starting the misting cycle
  • Turning off the alarm interlock key switch on the control panel
  • Waiting for the alarm timer to time out (adjustable duration)
  • Closing one door (if alarm triggered for keeping both doors open)

Booster Pump

Used if customer’s water pressure is less than 50 PSIG (3.4 bar).

24VDC diaphragm pump, starts and stops automatically.

Hand Held Sprayer

Allows maintenance to spot-clean and wash down booth interior.

Operated with squeeze trigger, brass head, SS hose.

Bag-Out Chute Inside        Misting Booth


For disposing of used PPE into a continuous liner.

A 10” (25cm) diameter bag-out pass-through port for waste disposal. Port contains a 304 SS Door with neoprene gasket, covered hinges and compression latch. The port accepts standard 2 mil polyethylene sleeving to form a continuous bag for “safe-change” disposal of PPE.

Vent Connection with Coalescing and HEPA Filter


For connection to customer’s HVAC system exhaust air.  

304SS diffuser plate with 4” (10cm) diameter duct connection mounted to top or side of booth.  The exhaust vent contains a coalescing (moisture separating) filter followed by a HEPA filter, both replaceable from within the booth.  The customer will connect to their duct work and must limit the exhaust flow to 150 CFM (4,250 L/min) while the misting cycle is running.  Higher air flows may entrain the mist and prevent it from adequately wetting the operator.

Breathing Air Connection


For customer-supplied breathing air connection.

Single point 3/8” (19mm) NPT connection inside booth with 304SS supply tubing concealed behind booth wall.

Wash In Place System

For washing booth interior.

Rotating Teflon spray nozzle with 360°coverage.

Includes isolation valve, strainer, solenoid valve, and pressure gauge

Manually start with pushbutton on shower exterior; automatically stops after timed interval.  Alarm interlock permits operation only when doors are closed.

 Drain Pump

If gravity drain is not feasible. 

Air operated diaphragm pump, starts and stops automatically and controlled by misting booth’s control panel.  Drain pump is sized to accommodate water generated by the misting cycle and operational WIP system.

 Fold Down Bench

Assist with degowning inside booth.

304 SS Fold Down Bench to assist operator during the degowning process of the PPE after the misting cycle completes.   Once operator completes the degowning process, the bench is tilted back provide a low profile.

 Stainless Steel Floor Grate

Offers simplified cleaning and removal of floor grates.

Upgrade the Fiberglass floor grate inside the misting booth and/or the optional step-off platform with a 304 SS grate.  The 304 SS grate is removable in three sections (Fiberglass grate is one piece) to allow easier removal for cleaning and maintenance. Surface is bead blasted for slip resistance.

 Electromagnetic Door Lock

AEC provides the hardware; the customer programs them to meet site requirements.

Hardware includes:  One (1) electromagnetic lock with door position and magnetic bond strength sensors, red and green status lights and mushroom head over-ride button outside the misting booth exit door (interfacing with degowning room) and inside the booth, and a pre-wired junction box.

 Overflow Alarm

Alerts operators to drain pan overflow conditions.

An ultrasonic level sensor in the drain pan turns on a “drain full” alarm light in the booth when the water level is too high and prevents the misting cycle from running. If the alarm light turns on when the misting cycle is on, it allows the misting cycle to finish, then prevents another one from starting.

Overflow Alarm is recommended when gravity fed drain is not used or with the zero-leak drain plug option.

 Drain Plug

Allows wastewater sampling before discharge.

Fabricated stainless steel tee handle connected to a plastic zero-leak plug allows run-off waste water to be collected and stored in the drain pan so that it can be sampled.  After the water is tested,  the drain plug is either removed using the tee handle or is kept in place and the liquid vacuumed out.  The drain pan will hold 6 gallons (22 liters) of liquid before overflowing, equating to about 25 misting standard  cycels.

 Compressed Air Blowback Cycle

To dispel residual moisture in the water lines feeding the misting booth, reducing the possibility of microbial buildup concerns, esp. if misting cycle is infrequently activated.

Includes isolation valve, solenoid valve, and pressure gauge.

Manually start with pushbutton on shower exterior; automatically stops after timed interval. Drain solenoid will cycle on and off to dispel any residual moisture inside misting nozzles as well. Alarm interlock permits operation only when doors are closed.

 Emergency Shower

Manually operated & recessed, stainless steel emergency shower meeting ANSI flow requirements integrated in ceiling of misting booth.  Activation is from inside the booth.

  Hand Rail

Assist with degowning inside booth.

304 SS Hand Rail to assist operator during the degowning process of the PPE after the misting cycle completes.  Rail is installed on one (1) side wall inside the booth and mounted on an angle to accommodate different operator heights.

  Water Softener

If there is significant water supply hardness (over 7 grains/gallon) Misting nozzles, dependent on the amount of use,  will over time develop a scale buildup that may affect misting quality is the supply water is high in dissolved minerals.  Affected nozzles can be removed and let to soak in a vinegar solution.  However a recommend solution to combat the supply water hardness is the addition of a water softening system. AEC offers a low profile dual stage housing that can be mounted above the misting booth. The twin housings system is manufactured from durable polypropylene and the cartridges contain FDA Grade Softener Resin that utilizes a bed of sodium based resin beads to reduce hardness and scale deposits. The filter cartridges are disposable and easily replaced, and the housings come with a pressure relief button to relieve pressure when replacing the filters. The capacity of the two cartridges is 1500 grains, which equates to approximately 720 misting booth cycles, if using 30 seconds per cycle with a supply water hardness of 7 grains/gallon. To track the number of mist cycles for filter cartridge replacement, AEC provides a LED cycle counter to inform maintenance of how many misting booth cycles have been registered. The display is mounted in the booth’s main control panel.