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Warehouse installation of a large Modular Aseptic ISO 7 Process Suite

Project Scope:

The client presented AEC with a difficult containment challenge of developing a large modular Cleanroom for handling both potents and aseptic filling applications. Deliverables included the design, build, and installation of a 20' X 20' X 8' modular cleanroom, providing both positive pressurization for aseptic processing and negative pressurization for potent compound containment. The specific application presented the opportunity to perform multiple processes under one roof. The unit was installed in an existing facility formerly used for warehousing, allowing the client to turn warehouse space into ISO 7 and ISO 5 process suites.


"AEC has earned our trust and respect. Their response to our questions/concerns were promptly dealt with and resolved. They were sensitive to our budgetary restraints throughout the project and they delivered the containment suite in a timely manner. We're already looking at AEC for a future project!"


Project Highlights:

  • Large Modular Cleanroom - 20' x 20'.
  • Ability to maintain an ISO 7 and ISO 5 in specified areas.
  • Client reclaimed warehouse space for Clean Process Suite space.
  • Capable of serving as both aseptic and potent compound process suite.