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High potency compound weighing and blending Downflow Booth

Project Scope:

The client was committed to the manufacture of a high potency compound which was beyond the scope of normal operations. This commitment required them to retrofit existing spaces in order to provide a Downflow Booth for a safe and efficient processing capability. Limited space requirements dictated a need for a booth configuration in which most mechanical elements were located in the mechanical space overhead. Another complicating factor was the need for a curtained wall on one side of the booth, which increased the potential for disruption of the design air patterns. This curtain requirement necessitated an overhung ‘cantilevered’ ceiling plenum which was supported via a beam in the mechanical space. Strip curtains at the front of the booth permitted an extension of the normal ‘Safe Working Zone’.


Project Highlights:

  • Produced a customized design to suit limited client floor space in order to maximize the operator working area.
  • Booth exhaust air was integrated and balanced with in-house HVAC system.
  • Cantilevered ceiling plenum supported from overhead beams.