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Engineered Controls for containment of potent powders.

Project Scope:

Client had a containment issue requiring an immediate solution for the containment of potent compounds. AEC developed a stainless steel ventilated shroud designed to surround a fluid bed granulator for capture of the potent compounds. AEC’s ventilated shroud controls the spread of the potent product when fluid bed granulator is opened to remove the product hopper. The product hopper is then rolled to a custom designed ventilated dump station for the transfer of the potent material. An independent HEPA bag-in/bag-out ventilation unit was provided to supply adequate capture velocity, controlling the spread of potent powder. This client had a very aggressive schedule of 6 weeks and our design and fabrication teams were able to meet our client’s expectations.

"AEC gave us a rapid response during a critical situation. We needed immediate action and had an extremely aggressive schedule; it was a great collaborative effort. I would not hesitate to use them again on a future project."


Project Highlights:

  • Very aggressive 6 week schedule to design, build and install custom air entrainment devices.
  • Customized solutions developed to contro lthe spread of potent powders generated by process equipment.
    • Stand alone mobile bag-in/bag-out HEPA ventilation system.