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Provide Custom Solvent Backflow Booth

Project Scope:

  • Recognizing that the primary purpose of the Single-Pass Dispensing Booth is for bulk liquid/solvent dispensing with powders only being expected on occasion, the single-pass booth is configured to maximize airflow near the dispensing table using a crossflow air pattern similar to traditional fume hoods.  This is accomplished with strategically-placed exhaust grills near the dispensing area.
  • Supply air flows in from the front of the booth, through the operators’ working area, and into return-air grilles at the lower-back and upper-corners of the booth.
  • Return air is then drawn through Bag-In/Bag-Out pre and HEPA filter housings and discharged through a common exhaust plenum.
  • Booth operates at a slightly lower pressure than its general-area surroundings.


  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Designed to operate in Class I, Div. 1 environments.
  • Ceiling-mounted lighting.
  • Power receptacles inside the booth.
  • Individual “safe-change” Bag-In/Bag-Out housings for HEPA and pre-filters.
  • Ports for filter-integrity testing upstream and downstream of the HEPA filters.
  • Magnehelic gages for all filters and system airflow.