Solvent Drum Booth

Solvent Drum Booth




The AEC Drum Booth functions to minimize the probability of solvent vapors entering the operators breathing zone and/or escaping into the environment. Common applications are liquid transfer from drum to drum to or a process vessel, or for liquid/solvent sampling. Air is extracted through perforated or slotted holes in the rear wall, providing an inflow of air. Due to the corrosive nature of some solvents, Polypropylene cladding is available over the Stainless Steel walls.


The AEC Drum Booth exhaust air fan (provided by AEC or Client) will be started and a typical operation will be as follows:

  • The drums and pallet will be loaded into the booth via the front access doors.
  • The grounding straps will be attached to the drums.
  • The access doors will be closed.
  • The operator by standing outside the booth access doors and reaching into the booth via the sliding glass vision panels will remove the drum cap(s).
  • The operator will insert a drum thief into the drum(s).
  • Once the contents are transferred into another container the drum cap will be replaced.
  • This procedure will be repeated for the other drums.
  • Should the drums be stored in the booth the upper view panel doors would be closed.


Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.


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