Single Pass Downflow Booth

Single Pass Downflow Booth



The AEC Single Pass Downflow Booth is designed to protect workers from breathing unsafe levels of solvents, vapors and particulates during material handling operations. The open front Single Pass Downflow Booth offers a large degree of versatility, unhindered operator movement, and safe working depth compared to the ergonomic and space restrictions of a fume hood or isolator.  


The supply and exhaust air in a Single Pass Downflow Booth can be powdered by a client’s HVAC system or from an AEC provided blower tower that includes the motors, fans and filters to move the air inside the booth. The supply air is passed though fine dust filters and discharged into the Downflow Booth through ceiling diffusers, flowing downward to the exhaust grille at the back of the booth. The exhaust air is drawn though the grilles, and if filtration is required, though stages of prefilters, HEPA filters and carbon filters, into an AEC provided exhaust fan or directly into the client’s HVAC, which is then typically discharged to an exhaust stack.
The supply fan speed is set to provide a downward airflow of approximately 100 fpm within the Safe Working Zone. The exhaust fan speed is set to withdraw slightly more air than the supply fan provides, in order to maintain a slightly negative pressure inside the booth. Makeup air is drawn into the booth from the surrounding area.
Most single pass Downflow Booths are designed to operate inside a Class I, Div. 1 explosive environment.
Please see the Recirculation Downflow Booth product description for additional information on accessories, materials of construction and standard sizing.  


Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.  


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