Recirculation Downflow Booth

Recirculation Downflow Booth




The Recirculation Downflow Booth is designed to protect workers from breathing unsafe levels of particulates during material handling operations. Air flows from the booth ceiling, down across the operator’s head, and into a grille below the operator’s waist level, thereby drawing particulates away from the operator’s breathing zone. The open floor plan of a Downflow Booths offer versatility and unhindered operator movement compared to the ergonomic and space restrictions of an isolator.


The operator pushes the Downflow Booth start button which turns on the internal lighting and recirculation fans. While the booth is operating, the AEC Downflow Booths will reduce particulates in the operator’s breathing zone to levels acceptable for handling materials with occupational exposure limits below 100 µg/m³ (TWA over operation period) provided that: 

  • The operator stays within the booth’s safe working zone (SWZ)
  • The handling operations take place below the operator’s breathing zone
  • The operator follows good operating procedures and exercises reasonable care in handling the materials
  • The air outside the booth is not excessively dirty


Please contact AEC to discuss your particular requirements. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.


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