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Alsident Localized Extraction Ventilation Arm (LEV)


AEC Extraction Arms are designed to provide localized control of airborne particulates and vapors to safely and effectively reduce potential exposure.

AEC is proud to be a U.S. distributor for Alsident Fume Extraction Systems. Alsident Extraction Arms lead the industry in design, materials and features.

AEC offers customization of extraction systems to meet unique installation and user requirements. In the first photo example, the Extraction Arm is attached to a stainless steel wall mounted track. The track greatly increases the effective coverage area thereby reducing the number of Extraction Arms needed to control the laboratory work area. The arm can be easily positioned anywhere on the length of track.

We offer the complete line of Alsident Extraction Arms in 50, 75 and 100mm as well as the new 75mm telescopic arm. We also offer the Sytem 25 benchtop hoods. In addition to the Alsident line, AEC offers design/build services for custom extraction arms and hoods of all kinds. 

  • Standard or custom designs to meet any application.
  • Articulated, stable joints with integrated air flow control damper.
  • Alsident Extraction Arms are offered in anodized aluminum, anti-static electrically conductive ESD or polypropylene materials.
  • Mountings for wall, tabletop, ceiling and traversing tracks.
  • Wide range of hoods, nozzles and tips available.
  • Arm lengths can be customized to ensure proper coverage of your process.
  • Custom design/build services for Extractor Arms and hoods of all kinds.
  • Turnkey design/build capability.
  • Typical 4-6 week delivery for standard units.